Kayak/SUP Dolly

Greetings Banyan Bay Club, Inc. Unit Owners!

Thanks to the efforts of Bill and Dawn Kuipers and the Landscaping Committee, for those who are interested and enjoy kayaking or SUP boarding, we have a new dolly to assist with transport.  It arrived recently and is available for testing/use. 

There are some videos below to demonstrate how to load, and how easy it is to use.  The video files are too big to attach to an email, so just click on the links provided to see them.

The dolly is presently stored in the kayak storage area…  We would encourage and appreciate as many ‘test runs’ as possible.  Please stop by and try pulling and even loading/unloading it.  It is super easy to use.

Here are a few simple tips for 1 person loading it:

  1. Put the dolly near the kayak or paddle board with the kick stand facing the rear.   (The kickstand should face AWAY from the direction of travel so it can swivel up instead of digging in if you drag it over something when pulling.)
  2. Leaving one end of the kayak on the ground, simply pick up the other end and swivel it over and on to the dolly.  If 2 people are around, one person can lift the boat and the other just slip the dolly into position under the kayak/SUP.

    TIP:  Place the dolly in the center of the boat, or just a little further back from center.  The further back the dolly is, the more weight you have to carry and pull.  Also, the closer to center, the smaller the turning radius.

  3. Grab each of the straps and thread the ‘plain’ end through the clamp on the other end, and pull it through until pretty snug.

 This is all shown in the 2nd video below.

 The dolly has a kickstand that should always face the rear:


Here is Dawn loading the kayak onto the dolly…  this was her first time, and still only took less than 1 minute including closing the straps:


Here is the dolly in motion:


Enjoy, be safe and best regards,

Jeff, President

The Banyan Bay Club, Inc.